Elements of a Sticking Concept

At this point you would realize that in order to make a compelling and sticking belief to any target you are trying to mind control, you have to create a scenario that has the following elements:

1. A core belief, which you will not disclose to your target
2. A false belief and a set of evidences that supports it
3. A rewarding belief that your target would want to stick to

These elements, while looking like they are all beliefs that are unrelated to each other, would actually refer to the goal that you want to have when using any type of mind control trick. You simply need to recreate the reality of a concept for your target and make it appear like a real human experience. Human beliefs all start from a broad concept, and then they become shaped according to what appeals the most to people. Of course, it differs from one person to another.

However, by carefully studying a person’s pressure point (what causes anxiety and what would create relief), pressing on it and making the pressure compelling by providing evidence, and then revealing the most beneficial form of the belief that you are trying to instill, you can create a belief that would never go away.

How does that happen? By making use of anxiety, and making it appear that the worst possible case can happen, your target will want to adhere to the alternative that you are going to present.

He would find that that is the best way for him to go back to his comfort zone and save himself from possible pain.

Because it is rewarding, he would want to take it above any other choices that he has in the scenario that you just painted.

Watch this video to get a better understanding: